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Wenzel WGT 850


Whenever engine components for aviation or smaller marine gear units need to be measured, WGT 850 is the ideal gear measuring machine. This machine can measure parts up to 850 mm diameter using its tailstock. Additionally, without the use of the tailstock, parts up to 1000 mm diameter can be measured. This size WGT comes standard equipped with active damping. This assures high precision measurements of big parts even in close proximity to factory production machines.



Wenzel machine using a Renishaw probe

Air bearings used on all axes for maximum precision

Baseplate and guides of the linear axes are made of granite for controlled thermal behavior

Wenzel Geco Controller of all 4 axes

Air bearing rotary table

High resolution scales



Latest industrial design

Open construction for easy loading

Simple operator interface and graphical input for quick creation of complex measuring programs and reports

Compact construction for minimmal footprint


The following gears can be inspected:

  • Spur and Helical gears

  • Bevel gears

  • Worms and worm gears

  • Hobs

  • Shaving cutters

  • Shaper cutters

  • Pinions and shafts

  • Rotors

  • Gear Reverse Engineering

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