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Wenzel WGT 1600


The Technology - 4-Axes-Measuring-MachineThe machine base consists of a massive dark granite block with high thermal stability mounted on a steel construction. The entire system is installed on Active vibration absorbers avoiding the necessity of costly foundations. To achieve the same thermal behavior, all axes are made of dark granite. Outstanding features of this system are the use of air bearing guide ways in all axis, the rotary table is hydrostatic for heavy payload support.


A special controller especially designed for the measuring technique, together with a powerful, easy to use, Windows based measuring software, are the motion core of the system. The machine is equipped with Renishaw high accuracy continuous scanning probe head. Retractable Tailstoch is installed for easy loading/unloading of heavy parts. The wider diameter measurable is due to some substantial hardware and software/firmaware modification while the main machine's body remains the same as WGT 1000.



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