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Usach 200 OD-L Grinder


Traveling Wheelhead

This design substantially reduces the overall machine size while minimizing “Z” axis wear.



The Usach tailstock design incorporates the same proven roller guideways design as used for the machine axes allowing moving an upper slide when activating the tailstock. This design provides increased rigidity and accuracy over the entire tailstock when compared to a conventional barrel style tailstock design. The tailstock is also equipped with a high precision taper adjustment.



This machine is equipped with a Siemens 840D sl CNC control integrated with our Usach Open Architecture System software which consists of a PC front end with touch screen. Some key features of the control system are the following:


  • Unlimited part program and tool data storage through the use of the latest PC technologies including large capacity hard drives

  • Permanent storage of all wheels in tool library requiring the data to be entered only once so the system keeps track of partially used wheels

  • Tool library provides the basis for a fast part changeover eliminating the need to re-teach in dressing the grinding positions

  • Dry run feature allows safe dry cycling of part programs during changeover to verify that the changeover has been properly completed


Technical Specifications

  • Distance between centers 80"

  • Swing diameter 40"

  • Wheel size up to 24" x 4.5" (610mm x 114mm)

  • Maximum workpiece weight between centers 3500 lbs (1588kg)

  • Required power, approximately 67kVA, 80amps

  • Electrics - Connection voltage 480 +/- 5%, 3ph, 60 cycle, Control Voltage 24 VDC


Machine Axis

"Z" axis travel (maximum stroke) 78.7" (2000mm)

"X" axis travel (maximum stroke) 23.6" (600mm)

"Z" axis feed rate 0-787"/minute (0-20m/minute)

"X" axis feed rate 0-787"/minute (0-20m/minute)

"Z" axis resolution .000004" (.0001mm)

"X" axis resolution .000004" (.0001mm)


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