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Shigiya GAS-30 (40) B series


Designed For High Accuracy

The wedge-type hydro-dynamic bearing for supporting wheel spindle achieved incomparable high rotational accuracy and high rigidity. Slideways are coated with anti-friction material which absorb vibration and utilize a hydrostatic lubrication system for highly accurate positioning. Precise large diameter wheel spindle and high-rigidity tailstock provide high accuracy and high efficiency.


Designed For High ProductivityThe machine designed for high rigidity allows wheel peripheral speed to be 3600m/min and grinding wheel is attachable 669mm x 150mm width


WorkheadNon-Swivel Dead Center Workhead (ND2)High rigidity and high rotational accuracy. A high output, low vibration AC servo motor is usedon the workhead. This allows the work speed to be infinitely variable from 15 to 600mm. In auto mode, the programming system automatically sets the RPM for each diameter



Manual Lever Type Tailstock

Tailstock spindle, completed precisely realizes smooth sliding and a rise in higher durability. Center pressure is adjustable with a knob on the rear of tailstock



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